Initiating Collaboration, Indonesian Literature Study Program FoH Unud Invites Professor from Université Le Havre Normandie to Give a Guest Lecture

On Tuesday, June 11 2024, the Indonesian Literature study program, Faculty of Humanities (FoH Unud) held a guest lecture entitled "Teaching Indonesian for Foreign Speakers". The guest lecture activity was held in the Soekarno Room, FoH Unud, Jalan Pulau Nias Number 13 Denpasar.


This guest lecture was held by inviting a professor from the Faculty of International Affairs, Université Le Havre Normandie, France, namely Prof. Darwis Khudori.


Prof. Darwis Khudori is an architect, writer and historian. He completed his undergraduate studies at the Architecture study program at Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, then continued his studies at the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies, Rotterdam, Netherlands and obtained a Doctorate degree from Université Paris IV-Sorbonne studying History of Contemporary Arab and Muslim World.


Apart from being a professor at Université Le Havre Normandie, Prof. Darwis Khudori is also the Director of the Master Degree's in Exchanges with Asia study program at the Faculty of International Affairs Université Le Havre Normandie. He is also a teacher of Indonesian for foreign speakers (BIPA) at the university so he has very strong experience in teaching BIPA.


In his presentation of the material, Prof. Darwis provided tips and tricks in teaching BIPA. He said that the important thing was to carry out an analysis of student needs, market potential, and Indonesian language enthusiasts themselves.


The enthusiasm of Indonesian Literature study program students in participating in this activity was very palpable, as evidenced by the emergence of various questions from students and the warm discussion session that took place.


Apart from giving guest lectures, Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs FoH Unud, Coordinator of the Indonesian Literature Study Program, as well as PIC of Collaboration with the Indonesian Literature Study Program with Prof. Darwis Khudori discussed the potential for collaboration between the Indonesian Literature study program FoH Unud and Université Le Havre Normandie. In the discussion, both parties were interested in implementing student exchange activities and agreed to follow up on the results of the discussion with further correspondence regarding the required cooperation documents.